The table below presents the projects on which Smith & Oby is currently bidding. If you are interested in sub-contracting work for one of these projects, please contact us at 440-735-5333 or click here to complete our information request form.

Project Estimator(s) Date Time Comments
Sigma-Aldrich Glycol Cooling Project Mark Bardwell 9-28-16 12:00PM  
WVSU HVAC/Boiler Upgrades Cole, Hill & Ferguson/Lincoln (WV) Mike Johnson 9-29-16 10:00AM Bid delivered by 10am
CC Akron General Health Wellness AHU Replacements Jeff Klie 9-29-16 12:00PM Bid delivered by 12pm
CC Akron General Summit Medical Boiler & Cooling replacement Jeff Klie 9-29-16 12:00PM Bid delivered by 12pm
CMSD O.H. Perry PK-8 (HVAC) John Sidley 10-5-16 2:00PM  
WRA Admissions Building Mike Johnson 10-12-16 10:30AM  
CMHA Woodhill C&D Block DWH Replacement John Sidley 10-12-16 1:00PM  
CMHA Mount Auburn HW Boiler Replacement Mike Johnson 10-14-16 1:00PM  
WVDOH District 7 Equipment Shop (WV) John Sidley/Jeff Klie 10-17-16 5:00PM  
CC E2 Operating Room 2 Mike Johnson 10-20-16 2:00PM  
CC Marymount BP-3 Jeff Klie 10-20-16 12:00PM Bid delivered to DD bldg. by noon